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Compact and robust this single universe Ethernet DMX512 node suits a wide range of applications. With power supplied via a USB-B socket many power source options exist since almost any USB port or USB charger/power supply will work just fine including USB ports on many wireless routers. You choose 3-pin or 5-pin XLR so no inline adapters required. Both DMX512 output and DMX512 input functions are supported along with E1.20 RDM. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards the eDMX1 PRO is the perfect first step into DMX512 over Ethernet.

Supporting both Art-Net and sACN the eDMX1 PRO is ideal for your single universe Luminair controlled rig right through to complex distributed high universe count applications.

Firmware v3.0+ eDMX1 PRO includes Universe Sync functionality.

Main Features

  • DHCP automatic network address by default - plug in and illuminate!
  • Supported operating systems: Any with Ethernet networking support. Windows, MAC OS, Linux, iOS, Android....
  • DMX512 Out or DMX512 In functionality over Art-Net / sACN E1.31
  • E1.20 RDM over Art-Net support.
  • Universe Sync Art-Net, sACN and Madrix Post Sync.
  • User configuration of Art-Net Node short and long names.
  • Compact tough metal enclosure.
  • Available with 3 pin or 5 pin XLR socket, no adapter purchase required.
  • External 5Vdc power input USB type B socket. Can be powered from computer USB port.
  • Fully compatible with *ALL* software and hardware that supports Art-Net I, II, 3 & 4 and sACN protocols.
  • Fully compatible with lighting consoles capable of generating Art-Net or sACN protocol.
  • Configuration utility with basic Art-Net output/input test functionality.
  • Firmware updates can be performed by end user.

Firmware versions - We recommend you use the latest version!
Version Description Filename
2.10 -Initial firmware release. 0108-500-2.10.enc
2.14 -ArtNet 4 support, DHCP + AutoIP, Merge engine improvements, RDM performance enhancements. 0108-500-2.14.enc
3.0 -RDM enhancements, Universe Sync, IGMP report when universe change + unsolicited option, DMX IN Single IP 0108-500-3.0.enc
3.1 ArtNet 4 NodeReport messages with BindIndex, NodeReport status messages, Dynamic IGMP reporting based on current port configurations. 0108-500-3.1.enc
3.3 Version consistency update. 0108-500-3.3.enc
3.5 Version consistency update. 0108-500-3.5.enc
3.7 DMXworkshop excess ArtPoll bytes accepted, Full frame DMX512 option DMX-IN & DMX-OUT, ArtPollReply includes UID report, ArtNet fail safe modes, DMX-IN & DMX-OUT re-mapping channel offset, Timeout all sources for DMX-IN, sACN CID fix for multiple DMX-IN ports on same universe, sACN Universe Sync enhancements, Default Gateway added to ArtIpProg. 0108-500-3.7.enc
3.8 ArtPollReply message excess byte trimmed. 0108-500-3.8.enc
3.9 Version consistency update. 0108-500-3.9.enc
3.10 ArtPoll handling fix for Madrix. 0108-500-3.10.enc
3.11 Alternate ArtNet port added. DMX-OUT Channel offset with Full Frame option now correctly handled. RDM Discovery message PortID corrected. RDM message length error corrected. 0108-500-3.11.enc
3.12 ArtNet universe data accepted from alternate ArtNet port alongside standard ArtNet port. 0108-500-3.12.enc
3.13 Version consistency update. 0108-500-3.13.enc