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Out of production - Replaced by eDMX4 PRO DIN

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Compact OEM Board for sACN/E1.31 and Art-Net to DMX512 conversion. Supporting both DMX512 output and input individually configurable on each channel along with Art-Net and sACN protocols the eDMX4 DIN is well suited to distributed permanent installations tucked away in small enclosures. Designed and manufactured in New Zealand to the highest standards..

Main Features

  • OEM board for integration into your designs.
  • DIN rail mount possible with DIN clip accessory.
  • 4x DMX512 Out or DMX512 In with E1.20 RDM support.
  • Merge 2 incoming Art-Net streams per output channel with both HTP and LTP options.
  • Merge Art-Net + DMX input -> DMX output(s).
  • Merge 2x DMX input -> DMX output(s).
  • Available with 3 pin screw terminal plugs or 8pin RJ45 sockets.
  • Fully compatible with *ALL* software and hardware that supports Art-Net I, II & 3 and sACN protocols.
  • Configuration utility with basic Art-Net output/input test functionality.
  • Firmware updates can be performed by end user.
  • Supported operating systems: Any with Ethernet networking support. Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.
Firmware versions - We recommend you use the latest version!
Version Description Filename
2.6 -Initial firmware release. 0093-501-2.6.enc
2.7 -sACN Priority override. DMX512 snapshot & recall. 0093-501-2.7.enc